Re[2]: Schematics via inet


Date: Tue Mar 14 1995 - 13:17:17 EST

John S. writes:

> I have wondered if EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) would not be an
> option? This is used for graphics to be placed into a document, such
> as a page layout program. Advanced word processors can place and
> display these (Mac does, PC/Windoze also?), or a page layout
> program, or various other options (my version of Filemaker Pro will
> do it!)

No. What you see is the screen preview provided by whatever program
created the EPSF in the first place. In the PC world it's a TIFF
image, while on Macs it's a PICT resource. In the absence of a preview
image (or Display PostScript), all any program will show you is a
rectangle showing the image dimensions.

Since I do lots of work (i.e. the kind I get paid for) with
PostScript, I have a powerful PostScript interpreter on my Windows NT
machine (a 486) and can preview all kinds of stuff, or write the
results to TIFF files. You don't want to know how much it costs to
play with Harlequin's technology, and I couldn't tell you anyway. :-)

73 from Burnaby,
laura VE7LDH who also has a Mac on her desk and really prefers to
program it instead

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