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From: Luis R. Anaya (
Date: Tue Mar 14 1995 - 08:45:05 EST


I got this old Conar Transmitter for 15 bucks. Although it is a QRO
Transmitter, I would like to ask the following because QRP ops have
most experience working with Homebrew equipment that the rest :).

This beast is xtal controlled and it has one xtal on 7.140Mhz, which
is ok 'cause the amount of time I spend doing CW is 0 when the limit
goes to infinity. Now that I have a xtal, What would be an easy
way to plug a gadget box and being able to modify the xtal frequency
to go across the 40 meter spectrum??? The Conar can also handle 15 and
80 Meters. Maybe with the approximate crystal/circuit combo
I might be able to create other gadget's boxes for them too.

At least it has a convenient way to plug on the front. I just have to put
this variable crystal box and plug it in, but I do not know how I would
do such thing. Could some kind soul point me to the right direction???



Luis Roberto Anaya-Rivera     
A True PL/1 Hacker    
Bellcore, NJ                    Ham: N2ZXE+ 

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