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From: Jack Ponton (
Date: Tue Mar 14 1995 - 08:58:37 EST

To any qrpers in the Boston area...

I'm going to be in the US next week in Cambridge and Boston Mass.

I have my reciprocal permit and will take a Mizuho 40m handy with a crystal
for 7280-7297 and try to do some qrp ssb using the 4 foot whip which
comes with the radio. This will not let me work much DX ....

Can anyone tell me if:

There is anything interesting radio-wise in the Boston area over the
weekend (evening of the 24th to afternoon of the 26th March) ?

There are any good ham stores, especially where I might get qrp related items,
in the area?

One thing I will need if I use the radio much is a 9/12 volt switchable
a.c. eliminator/charger. This sort of thing should be available from
Radio Shack I expect. Can anyone who knows the are tell me if there is
one near the MIT campus?

Thanks and 72/3 de Jack gm0rwu/w1

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