New President for ARCI


From: Doug Hendricks (
Date: Mon Mar 13 1995 - 23:22:46 EST

To All ARCI Members:
        I received a letter today from Les Shattuck, President of ARCI, who
informed the board of directors of ARCI of which I am a member, that he was
resigning his position effective immediately. Les had assumed the job of
President last year and when he took it he informed the board that
it was only on an interim basis.
        The "torch" has passed to the vice-president, L.T. "Buck" Switzer,
N8CQA. Buck is a long time member of ARCI, and a former president. I spoke
with Buck on the phone tonight, and he is willing to serve as president until
a new one can be elected. I am posting this notice to stop any rumors that
may start. ARCI will have their activities at Dayton as planned, and there
will need to be some serious business done at the annual board meeting.
Buck is a good man, and he deserves all of our cooperation and trust during
this time. He did not ask for the job, but he is able and willing to do it.
Please give him as much help and cooperation as possible. Thanks and 72,
Doug Hendricks, KI6DS
Board of Directors, ARCI

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