Brass Racer Cover


From: Robert J. Gobrick (
Date: Fri Mar 10 1995 - 12:59:10 EST


Had some idle time on my hands and I started reading old QRP-L Email
(ho-hum..) Anyway I noticed you mentioned that your son was going to make a
square base for your new Vibroflex Brass Racer so you can use your old
plastic dust cover.

If you are interested (this may ruin the family "bonding" that has already
started - hi) but I believe Vibroflex has a triangular plexiglass dust cover
for the Brass Racer. At least, put it this way, I have a plexiglass cover
on my Racer and I am pretty sure it is from Vibroflex (by the way my Brass
Racer is the "original" made by Scotia, from Northern California before
Voibroflex bought out the design and fabrication rights).

Plexiglass dust covers are a must on all my Keys (Bencher and Brass Racer)
since they keep crud out of the contacts etc.


PS: I like the simplicity of the magnetic tension of the Brass Racer over
the Bencher - makes for real "squeeze" keying.

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