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Date: Fri Mar 10 1995 - 10:15:24 EST

Hi gang,

via Packet Radio I received a message from Sri Lanka which I'd like to
forward to the list. Judge for yourself.

Richard Hieber, DL8MFQ/AA8CP

4S7MR > HELP 08.03.95 23:00 37 Lines 1350 Bytes #90 @WW
BID : 6438_4S7NR
Subj: To Start a QRP Club
Sent: 950302/0715Z @:4S7NR.#CMB.LKA.AS #:6438 [Colombo] FBB5.15c $:6438_4S7NR

>From: 4S7MR@4S7NR.#CMB.LKA.AS

                                                    4S7MR CLUB STN
                                                    MAHANAMA COLLAGE,
                                                    DEAL PLACE,
                                                    COLOMBO 3,



We have received our new club call sign recently, and we wish to
home brew our whole station, and hope to start a QRP club in 4S7.
We have already started some QRP projects, including a IARU 20m
4W CW X'tal ctrl GoodWill Transceiver and a 40m 7W CW/AM transm-
itter using DB139 audio transistors as PA.

In Sri-Lanka it is difficult to find, toroid cores, and RF power
Transistors, PCBs of Kits like that. If you like to give us a
helping hand, please send us your junked transceiver boards (where
we can get some good parts), ham radio kits, or what ever things
you think will helpful to us. Details of places where they sell
low cost hamradio kits and there prices, A old XT or 286 mother-
boad are few other things we look for!

If you have something, please do drop us a line, or send a msg.
Thanking you,

Students of
                                       4S7MR @4S7NR.#CMB.LKA.AS

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