Re: DSP Front End


Date: Fri Mar 10 1995 - 09:17:48 EST

Hi Gang!

Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB wrote:

> By the way I'm curious is there are any digital addicts out there who
> operate RTTY/Amtor/Pactor qrp (you know the stuff that's a little faster
> than Chuck Adams can copy by ear...) I don't have my QRP+ in yet but that
> will be one of my projects qrp digital.

Jim Cummings, VE3XJ, wrote:

> I just got W9GV's email address late yesterday. I had researched his
> article and of course was disappointed that its software was only for CW
> operation. I am about to send him a note and find out if phone and HF
> digital versions are available. Being an HF mobiler, having a phone DSP
> would be helpful. Of course, it goes without saying that a digital filter
> would be de rigeur!

My favorite program for operating RTTY and AMTOR is HAMCOM, Version 3.0
(the earlier versions couldn't do AMTOR). AFAIK, the author (Django,
DL5YEC) works on including PACTOR in the next version. But don't tell
him that I told you so, and I wouldn't hold my breath either. But this
program is fantastic! I like it so much more than the other stuff that I
have for my AEA PK-232 that I even thought about selling that box. Only
disadvantage (for me) is, that it doesn't work in a multitasking
environment like Windows or OS/2. Only DOS - it needs complete control
over the computer.

You can find it probably on any site that is archiving ham radio
software. It's shareware, 30 dollars as I recall (I payed fourty
Deutsche Mark). The shareware version is fully functional, only the
return to DOS is delayed by an exit screen for 30 seconds or so.

The hardware interface to your computer is very very simple - basically
it's only an amplifier for receiving (an OpAmp) and a transistor for
transmitting. Since there is no filtering, you should use the built-in
filters of your rig if possible. The hardware simplicity fits in very
well with the QRP 'philosophy', and the results are outstanding. As an
additional bonus, there is another program JVFAX (current version 7.0,
copyrighted but no fee requested, should also be on many archiving
sites) that can be used for receiving and transmitting FAX and SSTV
pictures with the very same interface. So far I've only operated it at
home, but I am looking forward to experiment with it on my little
notebook in the upcoming summer fieldday season.

Greetings from a sunny Bavaria
Richard Hieber, DL8MFQ/AA8CP

Disclaimer: Just a happy user of the two programs mentioned above,
            nothing more.

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