FOX: Sunday, Mar 12, 17m


Date: Fri Mar 10 1995 - 09:56:15 EST

Hi gang,

I received three replies to my inquiry about the end of the fox hunt.
Jim, AL7FS, proposed an Alaska to Europe Fox hunt. Bob (sorry, dropped
the call) explained about the atmospheric condx on 40m in summer being
unfavourable, so no fox hunt.

Chuck, K5FO, mailed the following:
(Is it impolite to cite from personal email?)

> I initially set the fox hunt up for 22 weeks for two main
> reasons:
> 1. We had 11 volunteers x 2 = 22 weeks of fun
> 2. I chose 40M 'cuz that's what most QRPers have and the
> sunspots and evening work were conducive to same.
> Sorry to let it go myself, but I'd think that informal
> get togethers would work.
> You can be the first EU station to get on and tell the US
> guys/gals when and where and we will try to work you. If
> you want to stimulate interest in 30M, 17M, and 12M, you
> could pick weekends to let us try and hunt you down.
> Thanks for the interest and let us know if you are interested
> in doing the above.

So, on the spur of the moment, my proposal is:

I'll be on 17m next sunday, March 12th, from 15:00 to 16:00 UTC. I'll be
first on a frequency between 18.110 and 18.130 in SSB and later (second
half) between 18.080 and 18.090 in CW. My code is a bit rusty, but
you'll hear yourself :-) I will just put out plain CQ calls (nothing
fancy like CQ INET), but will keep the contacts short in case I create a
pile-up :-)

The antenna is a homebrew two element delta loop, rotatable, with which
I've had very good results. I'll be running a full QRP gallon from a
modified TS-440S. I don't know about the latest development of condx on
17m, but last year when the band was in reasonable shape, I managed a
statesite SSB QSO with my first holler at 0.95 watts (see that, Chuck?)
and got a 55 report.

I'm at the home QTH - where my 'big' antenna is - only every few
weekends, so don't miss the chance! ;-)

Take care
Richard Hieber, DL8MFQ/AA8CP, in Erlangen, Germany

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