QRP Show and Tell report


From: Mike Czuhajewski (Mike.Czuhajewski@hambbs.wb3ffv.ampr.org)
Date: Sat Mar 04 1995 - 22:56:06 EST

Another good QRP Show and Tell at Maryland Radio Center in Laurel,
MD! We had our usual 2 dozen-plus people, lots of familiar faces and
calls, some new ones seen in person for the first time, some
merely-curious non-QRPers, etc.

K3TKS, Danny KD3S, Jim N3GZT, Mark WA2UNN, Clark
N3LRX, Randy KC3MX, Harry N3MIT, Pat NF3I, Scott
W6TOY, Bruce WA5JAY, Hal N3CDR, Herb KD3IO, Bob
K2EB, Bob KO4A, John N3AFN, Walt KT3A, Cameron
N3JBU, Ken WA4DWD, Bob WA8MCQ, Mike WA4KAC, Walt
KA3ZOW, Dick AF4K, Brian WO3B, Bob WB3V, Bill
W4NFR, Bill K3OAH, Allen

K3TKS brought along his QRP Plus to show off and ran coax to the MRC
antenna patch panel so we could check it out properly. Neat rig!
W4NFR also brought one along; he's a salesman for the QRP Plus,
showing it off at hamfests and taking orders for Index Labs. K3TKS
also brought along his usual collection of Kent keys and paddles.

WA5JAY showed off his tiny 40M CW XCVR-in-a-pill-bottle, one of the
DB-25 series of rigs, and I had both WG3R's 40M CW
XCVR-in-a-pill-bottle as well as my own transmitter; this is the
first time in several years that there have been more than two DB-25
rigs in the same room at once. I also showed off the package to be
used for Phase II of the DB-25 challenge (see the latest issue of
QRPp); no one has done any soldering yet, but at least I have an SMA
jack mounted on the fuse box, earning me the honor of First Blood.

WA5JAY also showed off his 3 X 3 X 3/4 20M SSB XCVR, built circa
1990. KT3A brought a NorCal Sierra, the first one I've seen in the
flesh, and it was impressive! KA3ZOW, of S&S Engineering, had his
new TAC-1 knob-tuned synthesized rig, and says he expects to ship
very soon--the cabinets should be in this week and that's all he's
waiting on. There were also various NorCal 40/40As, NE3040/4040s,
etc. Not as many QRP rigs as we usually have, but still a good
variety and lots of good QRP stories being slung around right and

We'll probably do one of these again in a few months; stay tuned for
the announcement! 73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

Mike Czuhajewski, user of the UniBoard System @ wb3ffv.ampr.org
E-Mail: Mike.Czuhajewski@hambbs.wb3ffv.ampr.org
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