Milliwatting on the QRP net


From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Sat Mar 04 1995 - 22:45:34 EST

Another good day for the Milliwatters! And a few before that....
Yes, those of us on the qrp-l mailer do sometimes get on the air,
despite what some folks may say. (I refuse to comment on the ratio
of RF time to landline time, though :-) since that would be
self-incriminating.) On 18 Feb 95 I logged into the QRP net on 7040
KHz, NEN (North East Net), with AA4XX (275 or more miles away), while
running 100 milliwatts. On 25 Feb, I logged in with WA1JXR on the
net, 350 miles, with four milliwatts. Today, I logged in with him
with 4 milliwatts again....and K2EB, less than ten miles from me,
logged in with 2 milliwatts. (I believe nearby WO3B has also been
known to do it with similar powers.) You don't need lots of sunspots
to have fun with milliwatts! Give it a try some time, and the QRP
nets are a good place to do it...or at least this one is.

That's 7040 KHz each Saturday at 0800 hours local East Coast time
(which is either 1200Z or 1300Z, depending on daylight savings
time--the net is always 8 AM local), and usually WA1JXR and K3TKS
take turns running the net. It's a good place to pick up some 1000
Miles Per Watt qualifiers if you want the award, and you don't have
to be on the sending side either--the award is given for sending OR
receiving (it's the receiving side who does most of the work!).

And for those of you on the net, please be sure to listen for some
very weak signals! Remember, "Watts Are For Wimps!" (the tag line
from my article and possible column, which should be in the April
issue of the QRP Quarterly). A recent comment by WA8LCZ that the QRP
ARCI doesn't seem to do much to encourage milliwatting set me off,
and I'm sure there is enough interest out there to make this a
regular column in the QRP Quarterly. If anyone out there has been
having fun with milliwatts, send me something about it and I'll toss
it into the next issue. (There will be at least a second one.)

73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

Mike Czuhajewski, user of the UniBoard System @
The WB3FFV Amateur Radio BBS - Located in Baltimore, Maryland USA
Supporting the Amateur Radio Hobby, and TCP/IP InterNetworking

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