And then there was 30m


Date: Sat Mar 04 1995 - 17:24:34 EST

You know, it's funny about 30 meters. When I ordered
the set of boards from Jim Townsend to build the 30m
Howes kit, he noted on my order "Good Luck. 30 meters
is a dead band." I replied with a short note attesting
to the contrary and suggested he give it a try. His
reply was more courteous and he said he'd look into it.
Maybe he should.

I just got finished with a dance with the glasses &
soldering iron which was interrupted around 2000Z
by a bunch of gibbering around 10.135 MHz. Man, those
little QRP dudes sure do make the most of a "dead band."
I heard a bunch of folks but only had a short QSO with
AF4K who informed me that I was 579 (if memory serves).
KA8LCZ was cookin' around 569 here -- and no, I haven't
put the Smeter circuit back in the HOwes set yet. Gimme
a chance, fer cryin' out loud.

SO the Inetters hit and had a good time, seems to me.
And it proved that my home-brew NE570 project makes
the DC rx in the Howes rig much much much much nicer.
Ah, something approximating AGC.

Nice to hear us all on. Looking forward to Dayton
even more now. Of course, I'll be dead in the middle
of 8 more credit hours of grad school lit & theory
courses, but them's just fun too.


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