30 Meters - Saturday AM


From: N9DD@aol.com
Date: Sat Mar 04 1995 - 10:35:16 EST

Prompted by all the talk about getting some 30 meter activity going in the
group, I got out an old xmtr project and did some tinkering the last couple

Last year I built the EX-1 circuit from W1FB's QRP Handbook (2nd edition).
I've managed to work 26 states with it so far. I use my Kenwood TS520 for

With a couple component changes, I was able to get the VXO swing to go a bit
farther. I also scrounged up a 10.140 crystal so I can work any of the group
who decides to use that part of 30 Mtrs.

This morning, I had a couple of nice QRP QSOs. The first, with 200
milliwatts, I worked N0IBT in E.Boulder, Colorado. Not bad, if I say so
myself. Next, I was able to get an answer from W3DP in Harrisburg, PA. Thats
about 500 miles. I adjusted my output down to 100 mw and Dick still copied me
(only S1, but still Q5). Thats good for 5000 miles per watt - not exactly a
record, but it does show that the band must be in fairly good shape.

I'm looking forward to working some of the QRP list crowd this weekend. Lets
see how low we can go.... Look for N9DD/QRPp!


Tom N9DD
South Bend, IN

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