On checkers and bingo


From: Brian Carling (brian.carling@acenet.com)
Date: Fri Mar 03 1995 - 21:35:00 EST

>From: brian.carling@acenet.com

W4RNL writes:

CE>Ingenious but gimmicky. I enjoy reading of net-member achievements in
CE>terms of operating successes, but would likely unsubscribe if the list
CE>were filled with game scores--and that would cause the loss of other very
CE>valuable information exchanged here. Would prefer that future "hunts" be
CE>simple and equally attractive to both regular and intermittent
CE>operators. The "fox" system seemed to fill that role quite well
CE>(although my qrp rig did not arrive in time to let me do more than read
CE>the mail).

I enjoyed your thoughtful post, and agree that the games seem

However, the fox hunts have been a complete disappointment to me
so far, because almost all of them for the past 2 months have been way
out west, and do not propagate east of the Mississippi where I live.
I did FINALLY hear the fox this week for the first time (AB4EL)
because he is closer to the East coast!

But the difficulty is what makes the challenge exciting and the eventual
FOX contacts will seem like a real acheivement to me when I finally
HEAR them & work them!! 72 de AF4K,
>From: brian.carling@acenet.com

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