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Date: Fri Mar 03 1995 - 21:51:14 EST

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Local and regional clubs exist to
meet particular needs, and so does the QRP-L mailer....not
everyone with computers has Internet or e-mail, not all those with
Internet or e-mail have the time or inclination to get on a QRP mailing
list...the basic premise of a national level club-by-mail is inherently
pre-loaded with many problems and always will be.
I think Mike has some good points....reminds me of years ago when although
very interested in qrp I didn't join QRP-ARCI because of the since
discarded insistence on power limitation at all times. Think of all the
good stuff I missed (not to mention the low member number I could have
had). I personally might want QRP-ARCI to focus on certain interests I
have but, hey, unless I'm willing to put some time in it myself its hard
to gripe (and I'm hard put to find even operating time nowadays). I just
commend all the folks that do put in the time that allows us to have a
national organization.

72, Greg, KD4HZ
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