requiem for a fox hunt


From: ges@240pob (
Date: Fri Mar 03 1995 - 03:11:05 EST

Just a note on the late, great first-ever qrp hf cw fox hunt.
I've been asked what kind of antenna, etc., I used while
pursuing mr fox. The answer is ... nothing spectacular. All
contacts were made with an HW-8 (1 watt on my homebrew meter)
for a transmitter and most were made with a Yaesu FRG-100 for
a receiver. Antenna is a dipole up about 25 ft situated north-
south. That's it - but in the works are a transmatch/G5RV and
a dsp filter ( and, oh yeah, a xcvr from Small Wonder). I guess
that I'm already thinking about the next foxhunt!!!

I don't know how to properly thank Chuck , K5FO, for the concept, prizes,
etc., nor the foxes for their sometimes heroic efforts at digging
weak ones out of the noise, so I'll just leave it at that. Thank

The foxhunt was interesting, entertaining, rewarding, educational,
and at times frustrating, and at other times, very frustrating - but
it was alway fun. However, unlike some other contests, the foxhunt
wasn't without a purpose - it got some of us to dust off our keys
and do a little qrp operating. I think it fulfilled its purpose
very well.

73s, K5UP

Glen E. Stockton
K5UP Bartlesville, OK

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