AL7FS mini Fox


From: Jim Larsen (
Date: Thu Mar 02 1995 - 06:38:06 EST

Well, I was there but only worked W6EMD at 0311. Reading the mail
here today reminds of my days in the midwest as WA0LPK. You guys have
band openings to places that have other hams. I think my band
openings are to the frozen tundra. :-)

I was looking at a world clock at the airport and the gray zone
doesn't seem to favor you guys. Runs from Anchorage down to
California. I am open to suggestions for a different time to be on.
Probably later. Can't be earlier than 0230. Band to California
seemed to get stronger at 0330.

It's interesting to hear you all talk about the QRM. What QRM? I
don't hear any. :-)

I had fun. Need to do this again before summer kills it all.



Anchorage, Alaska

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