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Date: Fri Mar 03 1995 - 18:29:25 EST

[QRP Tech Note Series de NA5N]
Manufactured by Motorola (Info from Motorola Linear/Interface Data Book)


            ** PIN-OUT ** **FEATURES
                ______ * Power Gain: 50dB at 45MHz
  -OUTPUT --(1)-| |-(8)-- +OUTPUT * AGC Range: 60dB min
      Vcc --(2)-| |-(7)-- GND * Constant input & output
      GND --(3)-| |-(6)-- +INPUT admittance over AGC range
   -INPUT --(4)-| |-(5)-- AGC INPUT * Single volt. power supply

MC1350P 8-pin plastic DIP for 0 to 75C operation

The MC1350P monolithic IF amplifier is an integrated circuit featuring
wide range AGC for use as an IF amplifier in radio and TV over the
temperature range 0 to +75 deg. C. The MC1352 is similiar in design
but has a keyed-AGC amplifier as an integral part of the same chip.

  Vcc Max. operating voltage +18 vdc
  Vagc AGC Supply voltage Not to exceed Vcc
  Vin Differential input voltage 5.0 vdc
  Pd Power dissipation 625mW (derate 5mW/deg.C >25C)
  Ta Operating temperature range
                        MC1350P 0C to +75C (degrees)

       AGC range (5.0 to 7.0v) 60dB (min), 68dB (typ)
  Ap Power gain, 45MHz BW=4.5MHz 50dB
                 10.7MHz BW=350KHz 58dB
  Vo Differential output swing 20Vpp (with no AGC)
                                      8Vpp (with-30dB AGC)
  I1,7 Output current (pins 1+8) 5.6mA (typical)
  Is Total supply current 14mAdc(typ), 17mAdc (max)
  Pd Power dissipation 168mW (typ), 204mW (max)

[Following parameters for 10.7MHz]
  g11 Single ended input admittance 0.36mmhos
  g22 Output admittance 4.4umhos
  y12 Reverse transfer admittance <<1 umho
  y21 Forward transfer admittance 160mmhos
  Cin Single ended input cap. 7.2pF (typ)
  Co Differential output cap. 1.2pf (typ)

  (From curve, input AGV voltage vs. gain reduction in dB)
    Vagc input= 5.0v 5.5v 6.0v 6.5v 7.0v
Gain reduction= 0dB 8dB 16dB 45dB 68dB

[On the AGC response, its kinda sluggish from 5 to 6 volts, then
 linear from 6.0v to 6.7v, then flattens out >6.7v]

**DESIGN NOTES (From data sheet and personal experience)
1. Collector voltage for the output amplifier must be supplied through
   a center-tapped tuning coil to pins 1 and 8. [Pin 1 and 8 to the
   coil or transformer ends, the center tap to +Vcc or pin 2.]
2. [The MFJ 90xx QRP rig drawings are INCORRECT on the output of U2
   MC1350. Transformer T2 primary goes to pins 1 and 8, (not 1 and 2)
   while +10v Vcc goes to pin 2 (not pin 8 as shown) and to the
   transformer T2 center tap].
3. [AGC voltage less than 5.0v produces no gain reduction].
5. [In early 1995, single unit costs from mail order vendors for a
   MC1350P was about $2.00 each (Dalbani Corp.)].

72/73 de NA5N (

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