From: Chodkowski, Steve (U4J96@mhsgate.bgm.link.com)
Date: Tue Feb 28 1995 - 11:37:00 EST

        I qro, I qro quite often, I don't want to, but I do...I thought that if
I built the nn1g kit from DAN that I could stop qro and go to qrp on 30
mtrs but no the rcvr doesn't workok it does work but my gold filllings
and a wheat thin rcve signals better. Oh sure I can tune in WWV(with a
padded tuning cap) but the signal is in the noise. The audio volume wont
drive the cheap headphones I have something is wrong. Please send help if
you have had this problem. Do you want to tinker with this and get it
working for me or must I qro more than I really want to. I need to get on
30 mtrs and I need it bad so please send help or by golly I'll be forced
to qrp again. I mean it too. ((Oh no I think he means it ,,) I do and I
will, I dont want to but I will QRO if I have to. Please respond in
unmarked plain brown packets to avoid any other embarrassment on my or
your part.......Thanx lots

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