Re: Miles Per Watt Trials


Date: Tue Feb 28 1995 - 09:51:58 EST

Yes. And another excellent justification is regular DX contact with a friend
or family member in a non-sport environment. Example: your son/daughter is
in Papua New Guinea, and you want long discussions. Or, your passing phone
patches from KC4AAA at the South Pole. In these situations, you're not
looking for a DXCC copy of a single call sign and RST. You want reliable DX

Under these circumstances, an amplifier could be very important. KC4AAA runs
a KW, and has a fixed 7-element yagi, pointed towards the U.S. No rotor,
since it would freeze.

My point is, of course, that a sportsman shooting DX with a KW is like
hunting moose with a bazooka. If you use a bow and arrow, it's more
challenging. (If you shoot with a Pentax or Nikon, better still.)



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