EMI compatibility of Ford and Toyota trucks


From: swm@holawa.att.com
Date: Mon Feb 27 1995 - 10:13:00 EST

Although this is not directly related to qrp, I am interested in your
opinions, comments, first-hand knowledge, hearsay, etc. concerning
putting 2m, 440 MHz and HF radios in various pickup trucks, such as
the Ford F-150 and Toyota T100 pickups. I am in the market for a
pickup (4x4) and have only looked at these two types so far.

I have taken an HT and a Sony 2010 SW radio with me for the demos of these
trucks. The Ford has some ignition noise at VHF but is very quiet on HF.
The Toyota, however, generates lots of hash on HF but is very quiet on
VHF. I believe QST reported that Toyota in general does not allow greater
than 5 watt transmitters (e.g., CB, cellular) in their vehicles. So far the
Ford and Toyota dealers are clueless when I ask about installing radios, even
when I mention fleet vehicles. My 2m and 70cm radio is a 25 watt rig and
the 10m rig is a 25 watt rig. Where I live 5 watts doesn't cut in on VHF/UHF.

BTW, I have a '85 Nissan 4x4 that on 2 and 10 meters generates noise
like hail hitting a fan.

Has anyone had any experience with the new Dodge trucks? How about GMC?

Curious minds want to know...

Pls reply directly to swm@holawa.att.com instead of taking up bandwidth
on the reflector.

72 de ND3P
Scott McLellan

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