Re: Two Guys from Italy


From: John F. Woods (
Date: Tue Feb 28 1995 - 00:11:41 EST

> Doug pointed out at the meeting that some of the membership of
> the club had not renewed and will be missing the current issue.

Oops. That's now Norcal AND QRPNE that I've forgotten to renew. Where's
my checkbook? (I think what I really need is a subscription renewal service.
How about Life Memberships?)

> as the club doesn't and
> should not be expected to keep back issues. It is just too expensive.

How are these things produced, and how much demand is there for back issues?
If they were composed on computer, and if the demand were relatively light
(maybe 10-20 copies?), it might be practical to demand-print back issues for
late subscribers. Of course, there's probably a fairly broad range between
the maximum practical for home-computer printing and the minimum practical for
a print-shop run, so it might not work out after all. (If they aren't done
by computer because of photos and such, well, I'd be happy to volunteer my
scanner's services if anyone wants to experiment with fully computerizing
the production of one of these magazines...)

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