Passed the Test!!!


Date: Sat Feb 11 1995 - 19:29:54 EST

Hey all, felt like I should share the news. Just today, 2/11 passed my Tech+.
Feel pretty good, I started the code 3 weeks ago, but I have been trying to
do this for about 25 years or so. Just never worked out.
Went to a club special event station and tryed to make some contacts on 10
meters to no avail, but I'm still pumped!
They say the FCC will give a call sign in a week or so, just call the 800
number to get. Any experience with this? Won't really matter, though, the
Two-Fer is still in a bag, and the sloping folded dipole is coiled up in the
floor, I'm talking to you guys, and there is worked stacked up here like cord
wood! Guess what's gonna get done :-)
TNX for the encouragement. Hope to work you all on 40m.
Dan Reynolds, __9_____?

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