From: FRANK W LEE, G3YCC (frank@yorks.demon.co.uk)
Date: Fri Feb 10 1995 - 18:33:12 EST

Thanks to all who mentioned the QRP Plus. Trouble is the price in UK is over 600
pounds, which is well over 1200 US dollars. In fact nearly all our gear works
out that way - the price you pay in US in dollars, we pay in pounds sterling,
so we pay twice as much over here. Someone is making quite a nice profit
somewhere! Yes, I could ship one over, but having seen one, I wouldn't fork out
the going price asked here in England, might as well buy a full power rig and
turn the wick down, or better still, get the soldering iron out. Made quite a
few rigs here for both CW and SSB and sure get a kick out of using them ,as we
all know.
Present project is an 80 metre tx using a ceramic resonator as a 'VXO', It
swings over 100 khz and should be quite a useful lil rig.
 By the way SPRAT stands for small powered radio amateur transmission. A
sprat is a small hering like fish and the term 'sprat' is used sometimes to
denote someone or thing is of dimunitve stature.

Have fun.


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