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Date: Sat Feb 11 1995 - 08:10:41 EST

I used the old style PL-259, and mounted the flange on the outside of the
case. Because the lower mounting screws would interfere with the board, I
used only the upper screws, which were quite solid enough.

I cut and de-soldered the two wire connections of the BNC at the board (ant
and ground), leaving me with the two heavy posts. Then I de-soldered the
posts to the best of my ability, about 95% solder removal. The plated
through holes make it difficult to get out all of the solder. I used a
solder sucker, and perhaps you would get better results with braid. I
delicately slid a flat instrument in between the board and the BNC mount, and
pried the unit out alternating one side at a time while heating the post.
 After ten small iterations, it came out.

The board had some flexure, and it made me nervous, but fortunately it was
not damaged. Much better to get it right the first time, if you can.

Let me know how it goes. It was worth it to me. I really don't think BNC
connectors are appropriate for HF work.



Incedentally, I responded last night, but my response came back as
not-deliverable. I went back and used your original e-mail address, and also
posted it to the QRP-list so you would be sure to get it. For your
information, here is the address that didn't work:

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