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From: Mike Czuhajewski (Mike.Czuhajewski@hambbs.wb3ffv.ampr.org)
Date: Sat Feb 11 1995 - 04:04:11 EST

Just a reminder that the QRP ARCI is still accepting nominations for
the QRP Hall of Fame (as detailed in the last two issues of the QRP
Quarterly), and the deadline of 1 March is getting close. If you want
to nominate someone for the QRP Hall of Fame, write up your nominating
letter and send it to the Secretary/Treasurer of the QRP ARCI (which is
currently Myron Koyle, N8DHT). There is no specified format for
nominating letters, but you do have to prove to the voting body that
the person is worthy of the honor. (I'm not sure if there is anything
in the rules that specifically prohibits someone from nominating
themselves for the Hall of Fame, but I can almost guarantee that
wouldn't go over too well with the voting body :-)
This award has been around for years and years but only recently got
off the ground due to the actions of past-President Paula Franke,
WB9TBU; one of the most important things she did was change it from a
unanimous vote to a majority vote; requiring a unanimous vote
virtualy guaranteed no one would ever get the honor :-) Things
slipped through the cracks last year, but maybe this year we'll get
some more folks elected. The nominations will be voted on by the QRP
ARCI board of directors (and officers?) at Dayton. There was only one
batch of folks inducted so far, done at Dayton a couple years ago.
They were Roy Lewallen, W7EL; Rev George Dobbs, G3RJV; Doug DeMaw,
W1FB; and Randy Rand, AA2U. If there is someone you feel is deserving
of the honor of induction into the QRP Hall of Fame to accompany
these folks, write up a nomination and send it to the Sec/Treas of the
QRP ARCI in the next few weeks. There is no maximum number of people
that can be inducted each year, nor is there a requirement that we vote
for anyone; if there's only one nomination received, we won't
automatically vote for that person just for the sake of having someone
inducted--he/she must be worthy of the honor. It's up to you--let the
QRP ARCI know who you want in the QRP Hall of Fame. (Need not be a
member of the QRP ARCI; this is an award for contributions to the
entire QRP community, not just to a single club.) 73 and Queue Our Pea

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