QRP ARCI looking for new President


From: Mike Czuhajewski (Mike.Czuhajewski@hambbs.wb3ffv.ampr.org)
Date: Sat Feb 11 1995 - 00:21:12 EST

Les Shattuck, the Interim President of the QRP ARCI, authorized me to
put out a call for volunteers here. Les took over last year as the
Interim President, until a "permanent" Pres could be found (it's
actually a 2 year office), but no volunteers have stepped forward yet.
 Over the last 2 years I've been trying in vain to find someone myself,
but no takers so far. If any of the QRP ARCI members out there are
interested in applying for the job, please contact me and we'll discuss
things a bit and I'll advise you on the procedures for submitting your
application through channels. The QRP ARCI is also in need of some
Board of Director members, but it's unclear exactly how many are needed
at the moment. There will eventually be a call for BoD
nominations/volunteers in the QRP Quarterly. 73 and Queue Our Pea DE

Mike Czuhajewski, user of the UniBoard System @ wb3ffv.ampr.org
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