Re: "T" is for "Toroid"


From: Wayne Burdick (
Date: Tue Feb 07 1995 - 16:32:06 EST

You didn't have to go and do them all at once, now, didja? The idea is to
do about one per week.

Anyway, I admire your dedication. Hope it works!

Wayne, N6KR

P.S. -- The 80-meter mod to the NorCal 40A requires a toroid with 92 turns
on it. Nearly killed me. Time to switch to shielded cans!

>Well, I've spent the past week working on my Sierra, and that means winding
>toroids. Five band modules with eight toroids each, and seven toroids on the
>main board, for a total of 47 toroids. My three year old girl was working
>with me on her alphabet, and when she asked: "Daddy, what is 'T' for?" I
>repied: "'T' is for 'Toroids.'"
>Many of the toroids have 30+ turns, at least six toroids with both primary
>turns and secondary turns. But the one I'll remember is the VFO coil with
>*58* turns.
>Thanks Wayne for giving me this experience. Now my life is complete.
>Rob, WA3ULH

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