Tiny Paddles


From: RobCap@aol.com
Date: Tue Feb 07 1995 - 11:20:00 EST

Two ideas on super small panels. First, the super miniature paddles from
G4ZPY are not $170. They sell for 72 pounds sterling, which works out to
$108. Not cheap, but they are absolutely beautiful. AA4XX is so impressed
with mine that he has asked me to leave it to him in my will. (hi)

The other idea is using the "works" of the Brass Racer from Vibroplex. I
spoke to Mitch, the new owner of Vibroplex, and he told me that he would
probably make the works available without the base if there is interest. The
Brass Racer normally sells for $65, and would cost less without the base.

I disassembled my Brass Racer, and put the brass and wood base assembly away.
 Then I drilled holes underneath my Sierra, essentially using the radio as a
base. You could do this with almost any QRP rig, and you could also mount
the paddles on top based on personal preference. At two pounds, the radio is
a very sturdy base.

I prefer the paddles underneath the radio, because it creates a tilt-stand
approach. I wish I could enclose a photo.

Used in this fassion, the Brass Racer works (without base) are actually
smaller (lower profile) than the G4ZPY (with its magnetic base).

have fun.



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