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From: Jim Stafford-W4QO (
Date: Sat Feb 04 1995 - 13:56:51 EST

I sent a private response to the original author on this, and I agree
about using the S/W receivers as "first" radios. In the Atlanta area, you
can get R4B's and R4C's for $125 to $175 and this would be a much better
buy for the beginner in my opinion. Plus I like the Panasonic B45 S/W
recevier which is available on a regular basis for $150 from Long's
Electronics in Birmingham. It has a BFO and I have used it for contacts,
but it is not for the novice, in my opinion.

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Date: Thu, 02 Feb 95 14:15:28 PST
Subject: Re[2]: Receiver for General Use

As the owner of a DX-380 (aka Sangean ATS-808, and a handful of other
aliases) - it's a great radio for general SWLing, especially when I
travel, since it fits easily in my luggage. It has been to 4 countries
with me, and travelled 10s of thousands of kilometres.

For ham use it needs a BFO desperately, but buying a DX-390 for the
purpose is not something I'd recommend - it's a lot more money for a
BFO in a radio that doesn't otherwise perform as well. My plan (now
that the radio is off warranty :-) is an external synchronous-cum-
product detector, like the one that was in QST in 1993. Frequency
stability is not an issue, but the 1 kHz tuning steps will be for CW,
and especially for SSB. The synthesizer phase noise and image
rejection are not up to the most demanding standards, but fine for
what you pay for the radio. The "narrow" bandpass is very wide for
anything other than AM - but once you have a product detector audio
filtering works almost as well as IF filtering...and audio filters are
fine construction projects!

If the radio doesn't need to be all that portable, I agree with others
on the list: buy an older used communications receiver, like the FRG-7
I bought at a flea market last year (look in the February magazines -
hint hint :-). It's fairly light, but kinda bulky for portable

73 from Burnaby,
laura VE7LDH

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