Portable Stations and Solar Panel Advice


From: Warren E. Lewis (saswel@unx.sas.com)
Date: Wed Feb 01 1995 - 10:42:10 EST

Hey Gang!

I have been thinking about finally creating a portable station
for remote operation (be it camping, hoteling(sic), or sailing).

I would like to solicit the advice of the QRP experts here on
Solar Panels. Any usage notes or stories, hints, kinks, and/or
sources for quality panels would be appreciated!

Also all you folks that already have portable setups, let us know
what you use for rig, power, antenna, key/keyer, and anything else
that makes your portable operations enjoyable or unique. Has anybody
done anything with wind, water, or human power on the list? How about
cycling...didn't we have someone that took a NORCAL Sierra bicycle

   cheers - Warren

Warren E. Lewis                                 saswel@unx.sas.com
Technical Support Division                    (919) 677-8001 x6542
SAS Institute Inc.                                         PP-ASEL
Cary, NC                                      AD4ZE       DOD#0021

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