Curtis Keyer Kits


From: Mike Robinson (
Date: Mon Jan 30 1995 - 16:28:02 EST

For Sale: Curtis Keyer Kit with 8044ABM Chip.

This is a basic keyer kit with A/B Iambic choice
and weighting option.

The last time I bought the 8044ABM Chip, I decided
I didn't like paying almost $20 for an IC. So I
bought 10 of them and got the next quantity price
break. I had a local fellow make some boards for me
and I got together the components to make the "Simplest
Possible Keyer" from the Curtis Application Notes.

I put one of these kits together, Friday night and
proceeded to have an hour long QSO with a Minnesotan

You'll need to provide a 500k pot and 5vdc-12vdc.

$25. This includes shipping in the US48 via UPS.

The board is about 2" on a side and will fit easily
in many of the QRP kits.

e-mail to
or voice: 303-225-7501

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