From: chuck adams (
Date: Mon Jan 23 1995 - 17:29:49 EST


Got a roll of film and new battery for the 35MM.

Looking at photo of Sierra in Feb issue of WorldRadio
in Richard Fisher's QRP column (KI6SN), I have the
following question.

What do you want next to a rig to show relative
size? Would a bencher paddle do? I'd think that
everyone, i.e. QRPers, could relate to that as
a standard to compare to.

I'm about to do this within the next 24 hrs and
convert photos to .gif files and ftp them to
whoever has the room. Details to be posted when
it's done. These will be in full color.

Anyone an expert on color let me know what to
watch out for. Trying natural light, dual flourescent,
and incandascent to experiment with 100 and 200ASA
film. All this to home in on one common way of doing
for later postings.

I'm restricting myself to one photo per rig (and this
is going to be enough as it is), so we won't have
all the PC board layout, parts, etc. shown in all the
detail that some would like, but hey, it's free. :-)
Except for my valuable time.

Don't start a thread on the mailer with this. It isn't
necessary for everyone to get involved in this K5FO
project. :-)

AB4EL, you got the room for these? Who else?

dit dit

Oh, back to WorldRadio. I think, INMHO, that the
photo of the Sierra would be difficult for someone
who doesn't own one or hasn't seen one to get a
real good feel of how small the rig really is.

dit dit agn :-)

see it's not part of my signature file.

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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