Removing lacquer from thin wire by using aspirin


From: D R Sibie +1 35 87 2854 (
Date: Mon Jan 23 1995 - 06:58:52 EST

Hi gang,

Some time ago a discussion was held about the best way to remove green and/or
red lacquer from a piece of wire. I would like to share something I
discovered last weekend about this: use an aspirin tablet!
Not to cure headache, but for removing the lacquer.

When trying to solder the cable of my daughters headset to a new connector
I constantly ruined the very thin strands of wire, each separately isolated
from each other by green or red lacquer. When using a knife the strands
broke. Using sandpaper did not work. The suggested chemical components
are not available here in The Netherlands (and certainly not on Sunday).
I remembered the old aspirin trick: put the end of the wire on an
aspirin tablet, place the soldering iron on it and heat thoroughly.
The aspirin starts melting and gives off lots of fumes (I hope harmless).
Take away the soldering iron and loo and behold: the lacquer is off
and the wire can be tinned. When you first tin the soldering iron the wire is
already tinned when the heating is done.
It really works marvelous!

I suppose the aspirin cannot be used for headache afterwards. Well, you have
to sacrifice something.

71.8 de PA3GNR, Dirk Sibie (HW-8 not yet operational)
                The Netherlands

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