QRP and Contests -- Thanks!!


From: howie cahn (wb2cpu@world.std.com)
Date: Sun Jan 22 1995 - 16:38:30 EST

Hi all --
I'd like to thank the 20+ of you who responded to my request for opinions
about qrp contesting. I'll try to get back to those who asked specific
questions individually. The results were pretty positive in favor of
contesting; more than half of the responses were moderately to strongly
enthusiastic about them. Among the things people liked about contests were:
the competitiveness, the chance to try out new equipment, being able to
pick up new states/countries, etc. There were three comments strongly
against mainstream (i.e., non-qrp only) contests. These mentioned what was
seen as rudeness of contest ops, particularly their unwillingness to slow
down in cw contests, and, the QRM generated on the bands.

On more question. I couldn't think of anything other than 'QRPers' to
describe us. Anyone got a better term?

Thanks again.

72/73... howie

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