Date: Sun Jan 22 1995 - 15:10:30 EST

Recent notes on HAMCALC9 concerning transferrring the program from a 1.44MB
floppy to HD by recreating the subdirectory structure and copying are not

1. As most have, I unzipped the files with PKUNZIP -d onto a 1.44MB floppy
for archival purposes.

2. Since I had no objection to storing the .BAT in my root directory, I
used the INSTALL program within the menu of HAMCALC (while it is in
operation) to copy all to the HD. It creates the directories on C: as it
copies. Not a long task (on a Pentium 90).

3. For those who prefer a "clean" root directory on the HD, there have
been notes on substituting a directory for a root directory.

Unlike "INSTALL" programs that come with commercial programs, the one in
HAMCALC9 is not an initial installation program. It is a part of the main
program collection designed to recopy an extracted set of files and
directories to another drive wherever DISKCOPY cannot be used. Morover,
the files marked .TXT, etc. are not designed for reading from outside the
program. (The INSTALL text can be misleading when read from outside the
program.) They are accessible from within the program structure and are
structured to fit the VE3ERP screen layout, and they make good sense in
that context.

The programs viewed so far have some thoughtful touches. For example, one
program for inductively loaded quads computes the coil based on
instructions and then lets you choose to have it converted to the next
whole-turn size (I hate coils with 6.743 turns). My personal favorite
(because I had never seen it before) is the stairway computer, especially
since my rear deck needs new stairs.

I have asked George by mail what is the best way for US hams to make
donations to the program he notes in the program preamble. To me
perosnally, it is a worthy program and a worthy cause, although I hope
homebrewers and QRPers will also support US programs for handicapped hams.


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