Dx with the Sierra


From: Steve Kubisch (kub@upl.com)
Date: Mon Jan 16 1995 - 22:45:43 EST


Saturday nite, V31VT, Richard in Belize was calling CQ QRP on 7.040
with a good signal. I called him with my Sierra at 2 watts. He
answered a famous Ohio QRP station. Gave him a honest 599
and said it was the strongest QRP station he had heard since
becoming a Ham in 1956. He was 599 at my QTH also. V31VT
was working one stateside QRP station after another. All were
weak, 339, at my station. Finally broke through and worked him
just before Midnight local time. I recieved a 449. I get the biggest
thrill from working DX with QRP. Listen for V31VT on 7.040 as
he wants to work only QRP stations. Nice to have DX listen for us.
If the Ohio station was the claimed 4 W, there is a fortune to be
made on his antenna setup. I WANT one!!!

Listened for the Fox last nite. Heard stations working him but he
was in the noise. Maybe next time Craig.

Steve -WW7Y-

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