Re: Novice Round-Up


From: Pat Taber (
Date: Tue Jan 17 1995 - 08:00:09 EST

Low turnout may well be a reason to cancel the Novice Roundup contest as we know
it now, but it should be replaced with something more tuned to the times. I'd
like to see something that encourages the use of the CW/SSB portions of the VHF
and UHF bands, because they're my favorite. But the fact is the typical entry
rig these days is an FM handi-talkie, so a contest targeting new arrivals would
have to allow FM repeater operation.

And of course, the Novice license isn't issued much any more. And expanding it
to Novice/Tech doesn't help if you're talking an HF contest with no-code Techs.
Perhaps it could be restructured to target people first licensed in the last
year or two years, rather than a specific license class.

And perhaps do something funny with the scoring to encourage use of
better-equiped stations that would have something more exotic than an HT
available. How about multipliers for the number of stations worked FROM? So
participants would be encouraged to "rove" from one station to the next to
operate and try out new equipment/modes/bands?

Hmmmmm... multiply the point score by the number of bands, the number of modes
worked within the band and the number of stations operated from? That could be a
fun contest! Maybe separate awards for stations that had the most guest
operators to encourage the doors to open? Given the honorable-ness of Elmering,
I think I'd be proud to have a certificate in my shack that said I had the most
guest operators in my section for a "New Operator's Roundup."

What do you think? New-Op Roundup? One weekend? (I think one of the biggest
things going against the Novice Roundup is the length.) Participation pins for
operators for 25 contacts and hosting stations for 10 operators?

Will it fly?


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