re: VFO Drift


From: N1OOQ Tom R. @ MRO1 16-Jan-1995 1259 (@)
Date: Mon Jan 16 1995 - 13:10:37 EST

> I understanding correctly that not all NP0s are created equal?

> 72, VE3UWL

I just finished a 7 MHz tx that uses a mix of generic and name-brand NP0s
in the VFO. I didn't really play around enough with them to figure out if the
generic were worse. It drifted rather miserably before I put in an N750 cap to
counter the drift. I figured most of the drift was due to the toroid rather
than the caps...

It could use more work. It warms up in about 2 min., drifting about 400 Hz.
Then it moves around slightly with temp., i.e. the case warms up a bit from
the power transistor, and it drifts a bit. I'm having too much fun using it
to be bothered chasing this down right now.

-Tom R. N1OOQ

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