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From: Robert Gobrick (
Date: Mon Jan 16 1995 - 15:40:53 EST

Hi Mike - there is qrp digital modes you know... And just to let you
know RTTY is losing favor to AMTOR and now PACTOR - the world is changing
- why the Pactor mailboxes are just like a radio version of the Internet

I really believe some fo the new digital modes may even replace ssb with
compressed digital voice and pictures - phooey you say.. well the world
is changing.

What I really started to say was that some of the digital modes (besides
cw) also fit nicely into the QRP Way of thinking. I think the big
problem now is that with poor propogation you are seeing more digital
modes down at 7.040 since 40 meters is such a compresses band. Things
are changing so much that a key spokesman for the digital hams - American
Digital Radio Society (ADRS) and their SUPER technical magazine the
Digital Journal (recent issue - how to LAN your computers together for
ham operation, digital signal mixing TNC's etc) is now recommending that
digital BBS's move UP in freq on 20 mewters up between 14110 - 14122
(away from 14065-14090) - THIS IS RADICAL (and will help quite 14060 down
possibly). By the way ADRS does not believe in dictating bandplans -
just make the move and share the resource with the non-US ssbers in that
area. Digital modes need room to grow.

Anyway see what your innocent remark about rtty made me do Mike ;-)

On Mon, 16 Jan 1995, Mike Robinson wrote:

> What can possibly be fun about RTTY?
> There's no skill involved. Anybody can use a keyboard.
> At the power levels being used, they'd spend less sending
> a letter, even at 32 cents!
> No back to our regularly scheduled program...
> Can someone with one of those bearing programs, tell me
> how far it is from Ft. Collins, CO to Ashland, OR, please.
> Just before the band closed on Sunday, I made a contact
> with my 30-40 rig. First time I've ever had a QRP (950mw)
> CQ answered. It's both a strange and invigorating feeling.
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> 7.3 de Michael aa0ub All computers, software and harddisks, crash.
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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