Re: Seaside qrp antenna grounding


From: Joe Gervais (
Date: Mon Jan 16 1995 - 14:09:22 EST

Goran Hosinsky ( wrote:
> My favorite portable QRP antenna is an inverted Vee with a
> telescoping six meter fiberglas fishing pole as center support.

A six meter fishing pole? Good lord, man, what kind of
fish are you after?!? Doubtlessly one I'd rather not
meet while scuba diving... :)

I'll second Goran's inverted vee for portable use. For
lack of trees (else I'd just hoist the center connector
up into one with nylon rope) I use 18 feet of PVC pipe,
sawed up into 3.5 ft. sections, with slip couplers
holding them together. Fits nicely into my backpack.

I keep the ends of the vee anywhere from 6-10 ft. off
the ground (depending on height of nearby bushes) and
have been pleased with the results.

Last weekend my older son and I slogged through rain
and mud to find a really nice spot to operate from,
tucked away on a ridge about a mile from our house.
Once the weather clears up I'll be making it my base
of operations, so if you hear me on 20m in the morning,
throw a few watts my way. I'll be the once sending
"CQ GASP CQ CQ WHEEZE". :) (It's quite a hike up there!)

7.3 de KD6PRD,


Two-way QRP WAS: 2 down, 48 to go! (Ouch!)

PS- Thanks to all who responded to my request for
where to buy batteries. Been bogged down at work
so I'm still compiling the summary.

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