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Date: Mon Jan 16 1995 - 11:52:16 EST

Paul Carriero asked about the Explorer from Oak Hills Research:
   The Explorer is $119 on sale until sometime in March plus about five bucks
postage. If you want a rig that will work first time, every time this is it.
 Admittedly, there isn't enough struggle in the kit to give you a real
feeling of homebrew, notwithstanding the ARCI homebrew acceptance--and you
may be following that whole controversy and possible revamping of the homebrew
 definition/bonus rules--but the ease of assembly would be an advantage to
    I have the Explorer for 20M, and it is one of the smoothest, easiest rigs
to hold a QSO with I ever used. I like it much better than my Yaesu 757 GX
for cw (The Yaesu CW filters are terrible anyway. ) Watch out for one
thing, though. As is typical of all of the Littlefield progeny rigs, the
Explorer is sensitive to overvoltage and will hemorrhage internally at around
17v. I know, because I did it. I blew out enough so I can't figure out what
I blew! After changing the output protection zener and transistor (supplied
for free by OHR), I sent it back to OHR for repair, as I was stymied. The
reason this happens is that there is no voltage regulator for the final,
giving max output by putting the full 13.6v on the final. This is true of
all the rigs using the Rick Littlefield floorplan, as far as I know. The
Radiokit rigs and the kits from Dan's Small parts also use raw 13.6 on the
final, so you can really make a mess by using an unregulated supply. All the
oscillators are protected by regulators, though, so you can't blow out
Anyway by posting this on the list I will kill two birds with one stone, as I
have been meaning to post the warning.
72, Preston WJ2V

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