decision: measuring pf


From: Rick Zabrodski (
Date: Mon Jan 16 1995 - 10:18:07 EST

Thanks for all the input, I became a much better informed consumer!
Made a few calls, checked features and prices. Turned out that with
canuck buck in the gutter with the peso shopping locally was a reasonable
trade off for once. Local indusrial electronic store owner (a ham) let me
"test drive" a Beckman LM22A. This is an LCR meter that measures pf and
uh easily and effortlessly. Spent several hours on the weekend playing with
it, measuring those mysterious parts in the junk box, figuring out
dissipation factor (new concept for me). Anyway, that owner is a smart way am I taking it back! (Classic "how did I live without one
of these before syndrome") Thanks again. Hope the canuck buck improves so I
 can start supporting the US economy again in the near future!

Dr. Rick Zabrodski BSc, MD, CCFP(E) * VE6GK
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