mail list vs. newsgroup


Date: Mon Jan 16 1995 - 06:57:18 EST

Some views of newsgroups come from those who read the policies and
miscellaneous sections: that is where I have found the most irrelevant and
irreverent stuff. On the other hand, the antennas and homebrewing sections
seem to be conducted very well, perhaps because no one has ever bothered to
respond to any of the anti-X attacks, perhaps because the actual technical
questions bore those who have nothing but opinions.

Lokking back at the range of topics on this list, the technical information
would not likely draw much comment from the opiners (at least, not after a
few days). However, the operating information and views exchanged here
might be another matter. My best guess based on the content of all the
messages I have read is that, despite the greater work and time involved in
a list, it may be freer of self-serving hecklers than a news group.

However, no medium is secure from invasion by hecklers. My best advice
(worth only what it costs to receive this message, or a little less) is
this: if a heckler of any sort appears, under no conditions fall into
his/her trap of trying to aggrevate you into replying. Ignore all such
messages. The typical pattern of ignored hecklers is that their messages
for a short while get more and more incendiary, and then--when no one takes
the bait--they rapidly dwindle in number until they eventually disappear.


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