Seaside qrp antenna grounding


From: goran hosinsky (
Date: Mon Jan 16 1995 - 04:21:45 EST


       My favorite portable QRP antenna is an inverted Vee with a
       telescoping six meter fiberglas fishing pole as center support.
       Three strings at the one meter level + three tent pegs hold the pole
       vertical. The dipole is made of thin isolated wire, 1.5 mm outer
       diameter, broken up with nylon string and miniature banana
       male-female combination for the 10-30 m band bandswitching. The ends
       of the antenna is fixed with two tent pegs. Bandchanging is done
       lowering the fishing pole without undoing any fixing points.
       Feedline eight meter of rg174, 0.9 dB @14mHz, 1.3dB @ 28mHz.

       According to ELNEC this antenna should mostly warm the clouds, but
       * it is easily transportable, no problem bringing the fishing pole
         onboard as hand luggage on flights, all very lightweight
       * it is erected in five minutes
       * Fast bandswitching 10 -30 meters band
       * Does not use much ground space and can easily be used on a camping

       During vacation in Norway last September I worked all over Europe
       with my HW9, mostly on 30 meters.

       I live on an island, my family loves the beach - I do not. A
       solution to this family problem would be a efficient portable
       antenna. The beaches are on the west side of the island with 100
       meters high cliffs behind. Next land over the sea are the Americas
       so low angle radiation is a must. A vertical over an excellent
       groundplane - the sea - should give low angle ratiation, but how do
       I get an efficient ground connection to the sea water? Anybody has
       any ideas?

       From home QTH at 700 meters above sea and Sommer XP707 I work
       the US with one watt output on 20m.


       Goran Hosinsky ea8yu

       Arecida 43
       E-38780 TIJARAFE
       Isla de La Palma
       Canary Islands

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