After the band died, the executor of the estate sold the instruments.


Date: Sun Jan 15 1995 - 22:10:52 EST

I finally gave up and moved my frozen fingers into the house.
Actually, I had no choice. It had been rather chilly during
the process of building up the Howes 30m rig, and the heat from
the iron had burned my thumbs and forefingers on both hands 'cause
I didn't think the heat was getting through to the skin. Seriously.
I now have this leather stuff flaking off under my fingernails and
stuff like that. As Beavis would say, "It's like heh heh leather
heh heh or somethin'."

So I put the ARK4 and the little Howes 40m rig in the house. (the
30m rig is going through temperature tests....) and sat down today
to listen. Lo and bespeckled, I heard AA4LL talking with someone
who mentioned the Argo II. Turns out that AA4LL (who really has a
name: it's Ray) was running the Argo II from his digs near Knoxville.
Just as he told me that info, the band did one of those "please now,
it's time. closing!" numbers and logged me out to do back ups. I
never got to gibber with him past the point of who, what, where,
why, when & how. (See, I learned something in journalism class.)

Still, I have to admit that it's much nicer having the warm room
around my shoulders, even if the antenna "like sucks heh heh or
somethin'." Maybe I'll find time between grading papers and portfolios
and reading research stuff and working up the second half of the
quarter's syllabus to get on the air again. I'll have to do something.
My biker buddies want me to come over and watch the piranha fish
mud wrestle the three rubber chicken trophy winners in a dry
sweatsuit party. And they want me to referee. Sometimes you just
get lucky, y'knowwhadImean, Verne.

"Like what's a comma splice, dude?"

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