North-West QRP cw 'test


From: Brian Carling (
Date: Sun Jan 15 1995 - 22:10:00 EST


Byron, N8LCZ writes:

BY>Just finished the North-West QRP contest. Band conditions were not the best.
BY>80m was QRN-Ville, 40m was QRM-Ville with a NA contest going on, no room for
BY>QRP 'test. 20m was the only band that had any activity in the Detroit area.

BY>How did the rest of you guys do in the 'test ?
BY>72, Byron WA8LCZ

Hello Byron. I tried a bit. Activity level was low I think.
The NA contest wiped everything out after the first 1/2 hour here.

I ran 5 watts with a TS430s turned down, into a bent 40m dipole up
6 feet high (yes!)

I started at 1830 UTC on 40 meters (7039)
I worked N8FU (3 watts), WT8P (QRO), then didn't hear any more QRP'ers
so I joined the fray on the N.A. contest. It was fun.

The real kicker was on 30 meters at 0208 this morning when I got
ZP6CW in Paraguay. Amazing since some have been saying that 30 meters is
no good after dark, he he! I gave him RST 559. He gave me 339.
Good enough. Oh - I was QRO with 100 watts for the ZP6 contact!

72 de AF4K

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