Ham Calculation prgm. for 'DOS'.


From: Brien Pepperdine (pepperb@gov.on.ca)
Date: Wed Jan 11 1995 - 11:21:08 EST

OK, I noted a little nugget in a display box of the Jan. QST. I told me of
a program called Hamcalc9 - which like it says does calculations for hams.

I ftp'ed it from the qst-binaries area in oak.oakland.edu (hamradio/arrl
file area), and put it on my DOS machine. I've not yet had complete
success with the interface of it yet, but it runs under the included
gwbasic, so I just load and run from inside gwbasic.
Anyhow, it does all sorts of stuff, like calculate wire turns for desired
inductance on a specified Amidon core, coax trap design, toroids, 555
timer pulse rates, etc.
Looks useful even though I have not run all the stuff within it.



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