MI Test from Newfoundland


From: Robert Gobrick (bgobrick@random.ucs.mun.ca)
Date: Wed Jan 11 1995 - 08:04:38 EST

Some some encouragement for INET folks to get on this weekend for the
ARCI SSB test and (I think) the NorthWest QRP CW Test:

This past weekend I spent some time with the MI QRP CW Test - yes and I
know for a fact I am the only MI QRP Club member in Newfoundland). I
only operated on 20 meters and only part time. Results:

32 Q's, 16 MI members (not bad - a lot of the MI members were on the East
Coast), 18 section/provinces and country for a grand total score of
3078. Not bad when you consider:

1. Newfoundland is REALLY far away from everyone in the contest (consider
me DX - hi).

2. Used my trusty Oak Hills Research Classic (on 20 only) and I HEARD
alot more stations than I worked (please try to dig deep in your
listening habits)

3. Monster antenna was my MFJ Super Hi-Q loop antenna off my third floor
apartment balcony (it doesn't take much of an antenna to work QRP
stations - but it does take a good antenna and I am really a believer in
these small loops - best bang for the size).

By the way worked as far away as Utah (W0MHS/7) and Puerto Rico (a few
of us captured KP4DJ with his Argo 509).

So for all you potential QRP contesters - don't give up hope when you
hear about Ernie's killer antenna farm - you still can have fun with a
minimal setup.

See you all this weekend (By the way I am the ONLY NW QRP member in
Newfoundland also - hi).

72 Bob VO1DRB (WA6ERB)

PS: Special thanks to all the INET QRP-L folks I worked.

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