I Missed the FOX!!


From: James R. Duffey (ji3m@scubed.scubed.com)
Date: Wed Dec 21 1994 - 10:27:57 EST

I heard the Fox loud and clear last night. It seemed like Mark was having a
problem receiving as he would call CQ, many stations would reply, and Mark
would call CQ again! Later, in QSO with AA7AR, Mark mentioned a s5 noise

I left my E-Mail printouts at work and didn't remember whether Mark would
be on 7040 first of 7120 so I switched back and forth. Found him 579-599 at
0401 in QSO with WB4OWL. When he signed I called along with what 100
others. I proceeded to try until about 0424 when I could no longer copy
him. During that time he went from 599 to 339. I picked him up again at
0521 on 7041 in QSO with AA7AR. Heard Mark refer to living close to the
Brass Rail in Sunnyvale. The Brass Rail is an infamous landmark in
Sunnyvale often visited by those who have to go to Lockheed for business. I
heard Mark at 559 or so, but he still appeared to be having receive
problems as many of us would answer his CQs and then hear him call CQ
again. I also heard AB5EL and NA5K, both of whon worked him I think. Mark
faded out here at about 0535 or so. Having lived in Urban LA for a while I
understand the line noise problems. The band was quiet here going from S5
at sundown to S1 at when Mark faded out. Nice to kive in the country.

I had a quick QSO qith WB8ZJL on 7040 while waiting for the fox. Next time
I'll move off a bit. Sorry If I screwed up anybody's chance with the FOX.

I'll get him next week!!!


James R. Duffey ((505) 764-3143)
Maxwell Laboratories, S-Cubed Division
2501 Yale Blvd SE Suite 2501
Albuqueruqe, NM 87106-4125

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