From: chuck adams (
Date: Wed Dec 21 1994 - 01:43:43 EST


Last night was a lot of fun. There were a bunch of you on.

I heard Mark, but he was very very weak about a 339. He didn't
hear me.

I worked 18 stations in a short period of time. KF8EE, Ted,
called me and then got clobbered with QRM and QSB.

Thanks to all who worked me and sorry for those of you who
called me and I couldn't get to. I promise to stay around
when I am the FOX and work everyone. We'll do contest style,
i.e. just RST QTH es NAME with no extras, e.g. 579 579 TX TX Chuck Chuck
and see how many we can rack up. :-0

Did you guys notice the band? I've been on 40M for 37 years and
during the winter you can get some fantastic propagation just as
it is changing. First, signals will fade and them come back like
gang-busters. Some of you were 449 and then went to 599. N6ULU,
Stan, sounded like he was in the back yard. He was hearing Africa
and I was hearing IV3YYK at 7.010.

I have a Heath GC-1000 sitting on the desk, so I know what time I
worked you each and everyone. :-) The clock does WWV at 15, 10, and
5 MHz. I get to watch the MUF go down. During the Fox Hunt it
went below 5MHz and then came back up.

It was great to see so much activity. Look forward to next week.

Be there and be square.

dit dit
Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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